First Saturday in quite some time

15 Aug

So I am currently enjoying my first Saturday that’s actually felt like a Saturday in months. I worked yesterday, I work Monday, there was drinking and pizza and Flight of the Concords and Ryan being unintentionally hilarious last night.
Which means that, last night when I got home from work determined to be productive and crafty, well, it totally didn’t happen. So that’s the plan for today. Productivity damnit! Which, in Caitlyn terms, means finally unpacking the last few lingering boxes, hanging the wall decor and getting a start on -gasp!- lesson plans.
I’ll reward myself tonight with alcohol at the show I’m going to with my oh-so-dreamy gentleman caller. He opens doors for me and everything, though that may just be because his car’s passenger door wo
n’t open from the inside. Still, though.

Here’s a list of things that are making me happy today:

1) It’s starting to feel more like fall.

2) Things like buttered Pop-Tarts and coffee with copious amounts of flavored creamer.
3) My toenails are painted red and the blisters I acquired hiking with David and Ryan finally seem to be healing, no doubt aided by the Incredible Hulk Band-Aids I’ve got on.
4) I really, really love my new apartment.
5) My new principal at work seems to be kicking ass. Which is awesome.

Basque is trying to say hello to everyone, or trying to get me to pay more attention to her by rubbing her head all over the keyboard. Home girl needs a b-a-t-h.


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