A head full of snot and a heart full of dreams

25 Aug

So generally, I try to curb the amount of complaining I do. I know this will come as a shock to many. But really, I do try to not be a whiny bastard all the time. I try to appreciate the little (and big) things, but I never claimed to be perfect. So I’m venting. This is what’s chapping my hide (yeah I said it), right now:

1) Allergies.
They are the stupid, snotty, stupid, itchy, stupid, exhausting, stupid bane of my existence right now. On the upside, they’re pretty much making smoking impossible right now.

2) Foot blisters.

Not mine specifically, put pretty damn close.

I went hiking a couple of weekends ago and, like an idiot, wore boots that hadn’t been used in a few years. The resulting heel blisters were large and exceptionally painful, but are now (thankfully) mostly healed.

This is not being helped by the pea gravel that persists on lodging itself in my shoe during recess duty.

3) When I walk around all day with pen/marker on my face and nobody says anything.

But, in a flailing effort at balance, here are things that are making me stupidly happy today:

Honeycomb Cereal

The Rainy, rainy weather

Built to Spill
They’re so cute and old and weird looking! Oh, and massively talented.

And now that that’s out of my system, I think I’m for a very sneezy walk with the dog!


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