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So happy, so lucky.

25 Sep

So I just finished watching Happy-Go-Lucky. Holy crap, so incredibly good. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s ever been perfectly happy with their life, but had people constantly telling them they should be doing everything differently.
On that note, let’s talk about some other things that making me stupidly happy right now.

Green Nail Polish

Picked up a bottle for $1.99 at Walgreens. So pretty, so perfect for Fall.


I know it may sound stupid, but I’ve had soooooo many projects to work on. And it’s nice to have a creative outlet that’s conducive to socializing and home-prettifying.


Officially! I’ve been drinking lots of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and apple ciders. My favorite season, hands down, even if my apartment has been so cold that I’ve been turning the oven on just to warm it up.


She’s such a trooper. She’s dealing with really bad eye allergies (she hates her drops so much), a healing leg from a pit bull-attack, and a mother who isn’t home enough. But she still has time to make me feel better, even when she’s the one who needs the comforting.

Thanks to everyone who dealt with me completely freaking out over Basque getting hurt on Sunday. She’s gone from needing to be carried downstairs to the yard to trying to play with my neighbor’s boxer, so I think she’s on the mend.

Speaking of El Poocharino, she’s whining to go out (which she can do without David Craig carrying her), and then it’s bed for girl and beastie! ‘Night!

I was planning on doing laundry…

2 Sep

…but I’m blogging instead. Mostly because it’s kinda late and I’m a little afraid of my laundromat at night. And the alley that I have to walk through to get to it. I am weenie, hear me roar.

I’m also feeling all kinds of worn out, partially due to lack of sleep, partially due to recent trying emotional experiences. Things are happening, things are (possibly?) in the works. For good or ill, I hope to know soon.

In other, less necessarily cryptic happenings, I have found, to my utter delight, that DU’s MLS program does not require the GRE! Which means I might just be off the hook for flaunting my stupid via grad school entrance exams. Makes me feel a little better about being prepared to spend a million dollars to be a librarian when I grow up.

And I’ve been crafting up a storm! I’m working on a potentially super-adorable leaf garland thing, kinda like this one:

Except my leaves are floral and polka-dotted and stuffed. It’s gonna be awesome.

I’m also determined to finally finish the infamous Skeletor sampler in time for very late delivery to my cousin at his sister’s wedding in October. I think I can do it. There’s also a top-secret cross-stitch project involving metallic thread in the works. So excited.

And with that babies, I take my leave. The face mask goop I put on a while ago in an attempt to no longer be queen of the zit-monsters has hardened and may not come off again if immediate action is not taken.