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Oh dear sweet lord.

15 Nov

This is my new favorite thing ever:

I know, I know, I’m the worst blogger ever.

15 Nov

Because I haven’t updated in a month. Sorry. On the upside, I have all kinds of things to share!

Old News:

I am once again single. No boo hoos, please. Boys are great and all (or at least they can be), but I’m a busy lady who loves living alone and not having to schedule my life around someone else’s. So really, it’s pretty ok.

Went back to Kansas in October for my cousin Dustin’s wedding. It was absolutely beautiful; her dress looked like a big, gorgeous wedding cake. Lotsa layers, kinda like this:So pretty. And it was awesome seeing all the fam. I finally finished the infamous cross-stitch Skeletor for my cousin Mike, which, in typical Caitlyn fashion, I failed to get a photo of. I’m hoping he’ll send me one if I ask nice.

Halloween was awesome, I was (very last minute) Tippi Hedron from the birds:

Seriously, best costume of my adult dressing-up career.

I then proceeded to get really sick. Maybe swine flu, maybe bronchitis. Either way, angry lungs and lots of snot. Took me out of work for 3 days. Boo.

New News:

I can’t believe November is almost over! Which means…

Fakesgiving is almost upon us! Woo hoo!

In preparation for the big day, Natalie and I went to the craft store yesterday and picked up materials for headdresses and pilgrim hats. It’s gonna be so flippin’ sweet.
Like this:

Only with more bling. And bacon. And alcohol.

Well, it’s blizzarding and the dog is whining. Hope everyone’s having a delightful, lazy Sunday!