26 May

I am currently on my last (didja hear that? LAST) week of school. Like, ever. As of Friday, I will no longer be a librarian (I’m thinking of it as more of a hiatus so as to avoid a complete identity crisis). While I’m super stoked for summer, and crazy worn-out from all of the last-second shit that’s been getting piled on me at work (Field Day, two, count ’em, two teacher moving days, a book fair…the list goes on and on), there are a lot of things about this job that I’ll miss. My students, my coworkers, the library itself and the quiet satisfaction of all my books in their places, read-alouds. This ending of an, albiet brief, era, coupled with a chat regarding the ex-boyfriend-who-shall-not-be-named, has me in an oddly melancholic mood.

In an effort to combat this, I’m trying to focus on all the super-awesome shit I’m planning on doing this summer:
Lots of trips here and here.

Good thing they’re so close!

There will be jaunts to Lakeside:

It’s fun because you might actually die!

And camping and baking and bicycle riding and dog walking and park-drinking. It’s going to be a-ma-zing.

Now, off to one of my favorite summer rituals, late-night grocery shopping! It’s the last week of school, I go to bed when I want.

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