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Hey look, I finished something, kinda!

29 Jun

And now I’m totally gonna make a big deal out of it! I’ve a shit load of free time lately, what with being unemployed and all, and last night I not only started, but actually finished a story! So now I’m feeling all productive and trying to ignore the little voice in my head going “Wow, you’ve produced like, 3 pages, in the last six months. You suck at life.” But I don’t listen to this voice because it’s stupid. It’s the same one that tells me I should stay in Denver and move in with my parents and work in a cubicle for the rest of my life so that I can pay my bills. See? Stupid.

Anywho, I’m posting the story here; hopefully it’ll end up on in the next few days.

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4 Jun

Blogger and I broke up. Blogger took it pretty well, but I neglected to mention that I was leaving for WordPress. I’m anticipating an awkward run-in at the mall sometime in the near future.


1 Jun

I feel like a big, lifeless blob-puddle-person. It’s the same absolutely zero energy feeling I get when I sick, except I’m not sick (please please please). I think it’s a combination of allergy meds and my girl parts mutinying and threatening to fall out, but whatever the reason, all the fun, exciting, productive things I was planning when I drove home at 8:30 this morning are looking like they’re going to have to wait.

To recap:

I went up to my parents’ house in Evergreen last night so as to be on-hand to drive my mom to surgery (she’s getting her eyelids done – what a weirdo thing to get surgeried) at the ass-crack of dawn this morning. I stayed up until about 1:00 waiting for my laundry to finish, which really isn’t that late, especially as any tiredness I would feel in the morning would not be coupled with a hangover. I go night-night.

I wake up at 5:30 to eyes that are simultaneously streaming and goopy, a nose that’s doing the same thing and violent, earthquake-inducing sneezing. Oh, and the curtains are open just enough to let the morning sunlight punch me squarely in the retinas, which I, in my pre-coffee, snot-addled state decide my mom must have done on purpose just to fuck with me, and how could she not have ensured that the curtains were closed properly so that I, her 25 year-old daughter/surgery chauffeur could be well-rested?

About five seconds and 2,000 sneezes later I realized I was being a giant whiny baby and got up to close the curtains myself. I also realized I need to stop assuming people are out to ruin my life solely based on the fact that they’re the only other person in the house.

Anyways, my mom yet again proved her superior mothering skills when she presented me with a box of allergy medicine (as I had, like a tool, left my knock-off Claritin at home). Unfortunately, my body likes to react very strangely to allergy medicine, and right around the time I was getting home, all my dreams of early-morning productivity (ie, dog-bathing, a trip to the optometrist, bathing, Starbucks) had given way to dreams of going back to sleep.

So after a three-hour nap, and then roughly two hours of sitting on my couch reading other peoples’ blogs, I’m maybe ready for a shower, and definitely ready for a movie. And that’s the beauty of summer vacation: little to no consequences for allergy-induced procrastination.