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There’s treasure everywhere!

30 Oct

How amazing is this bedroom mural?

Be still my heart.

More posts coming up!

An ode to my brother

22 Oct

Yes, I did just do a post not so long ago about how much I adore my brother. But seriously, the kid warrants multiple posts.

Kevin finally turned 21 yesterday! And while I’m super bummed that I wasn’t there for the festivities, I do have a solemn promise from David and Ryan to take him to the Lancer Lounge in my stead.

And so, in the time-honored tradition of blogs, FB notes, MySpace posts, and email forwards, I’m celebrating my baby brother by listing 21 of my very favorite memories/things about him.

1) Kevin dyed his hair hot pink and wore rainbow tube socks on his first day of middle school just to fuck with people.

2) He can usually out-drink me at family functions.

3) He doesn’t make fun of me when I drunkenly fall off golf course curbs because I’m wearing heels at family functions.

4) He’s my dogs favorite person. So much so that sometimes she gets so excited to see him that she pees on him. And he totally puts up with it.

5) For several years, his favorite phrase was “Oppenheimer funds”. He would follow me around the house for hours repeating this over and over, and somehow, it was always hilarious.

6) My brother is fucking hilarious.

Whether that hilarity is intentional is debatable.

7) Still likes me even though I told him for years that he hatched out of a pod in the basement (our dad totally started that one).

8 ) As a toddler, his favorite toys were a red plastic hammer, vacuum cleaner attachments, and empty gallon-sized milk jugs.

9) Kevin has mad dance skillz.

10) Lurtle urtle.

11) He used to let me dress him up. He’s lucky that I don’t have any photos of this time period.

12) Kevin is wicked smart.

13) He generally makes a really good impression on everyone. Friends, family of friends, etc.

14) He cleans up nice.


15) He tells our mom about going to strip clubs on his birthday.

16) When he goes to strip clubs, strippers give him their numbers without him asking.

17) He helped me move to Washington.

18) He loves his kitty. I’m not being gross, he really loves his pet cat.

See? Not gross. Though I have no idea what's on Kitty's face...

19) He is an incredibly kind, generous person

20) He calls me for girl advice, and gives me boy advice.

21) He used to look like this:

Happy birthday baby brother! It’s been a very interesting, delightful 21 years.

Anecdotes and Apple Cores

19 Oct

Hey duders! I’m trying really hard to get on the posting-every-day bandwagon, and wanted to share a blog that constantly inspires me to do just that!

If you haven’t already checked out Anecdotes and Apple Cores, I highly recommend it. I was fortunate enough to have a few classes in undergrad with its author, Monet, and have been even more fortunate to reconnect with her a bit via the magic of Facebook. She’s an incredibly gifted writer who is unerringly generous with both her talent and her super kick-ass recipes.

If you're mouth isn't watering there's something very wrong with you.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying her gorgeous food photos and killer book reviews, as well as the unfolding of she and her husbands’ various adventures together.

Unfortunately, they’re facing some really tough family stuff right now, which Monet has been brave enough to share. And while it might not make her feel any better, I would just like to say that, even with everything she’s having to deal with, her writing is still impeccable.

So pop over, borrow a recipe or a new read idea, but maybe leave some support for these sweet, courageous people before you go.

Look what I get to wear!

18 Oct

Two of my favorite people are getting hitched! My dear friends Natalie and Colby got engaged last Spring (I got to help pick out the ring, soooo many sparklies), and I get to be a bridesmaid!

She's going to hate me for this, but seriously, how adorable are these people?

Natalie just recently completed the daunting task of selecting bridesmaid dresses, no easy feat as we’re all built very differently. Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a trickier group of ladies to select one non-hideous dress for. Add to this that the happy couple is trying to plan a wedding while waiting for Colby’s job to tell them to move to D.C. and, well, you can see how bridesmaid dresses might not be the first thing on their minds.

That said, holy crap, look what I get to wear:

I think it's safe to say I'll be wearing this again.

How effing pretty is that? Perfect for a May wedding. I’m so honored to get to be a part of this beautiful couple’s special day, and even more excited now that I know I get to wear a super-amazing dress for the occasion! Now I just have to practice walking around in heels so I don’t fall on my face walking down the aisle.

Fall fall fallfallfallfall! (Part two, books)

17 Oct

As the days get shorter and my apartment gets more and more frigid, I find myself prone to snuggling up with blankets, books and the dogger. While my book preferences aren’t quite as subject to the same overwhelming seasonal whims as the rest of my tastes, I do tend to look for two things in my fall reads: mystery and creepiness. I love these things all year, but especially in the fall.

Holy shit, I love this book. If Charles Dickens and J.K. Rowling had an 800-page literary love child, it would be Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. There are rumors of a forthcoming film adaptation, but I’m perfectly content to reread this while anxiously awaiting Clarke’s second novel.

I first read Kelly Link’s debut short story collection in high school, and have loved it ever since. Girl detectives that could be anyone, naked ghosts who hang out in cellos, and monster dogs who pop up in libraries to bite off the fingers of wayward lovers…what’s not to love?

A girl returns home to deal with the consequences of an ill-fated affair with one of her professors and unwittingly unravels a centuries-old mystery involving the town’s founder, a prolific author and her own father (who could one of several men). Oh, and the morning she comes back, a giant monster is found dead in the lake behind her house.

There’s a reason it’s a classic.

Remember reading “The Lottery” in ninth grade, and how badly that fucked you up? It’s like that, but longer. Who poisoned the Blackwoods? Sweet Constance Blackwood, the daughter who served the arsenic-laced sugar to her family that fateful night? Merricat Blackwood, the daughter sent to bed early? Uncle Julian, who survived the poisoning but at the cost of his mental faculties? Or someone else entirely?

Read on, darlings.

Why I haven’t posted in a while.

17 Oct

There has been some seriously heavy shit going on this last week, dudes.

Part two of my fall post series coming later tonight. In the meantime, please enjoy this:

Vincent Price and Kermit the Frog all at once? Yes, please.

Fall fall fallfallfallfall! (Part one, the soundtrack)

6 Oct

I’m pretty sure I’m the most seasonally-oriented person in the world. That I know of. So much of my life revolves around what time of year it is: crafts, art projects, writing, reading, music, food, color preferences…the list could go on and on. I love being so bizarrely seasonal, because it’s constantly giving me reasons to find new things to fall in love with, as well as welcoming back old favorites that I haven’t heard from in a while. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year; no matter what other stresses are happening in my life (giant moves, job-searches), this time of year always makes me feel incredibly rejuvenated and grateful to just be around. I’m also an incredibly sweaty person, so the break from hot weather’s also nice.

So, fall favorites. This was going to be one post, but when I realized how epically enormo  it would be I decided to break it up. So, part one:

Mood Music

They have an effing musical saw!

Horse Feathers. Gorgeous. These guys make Sam Beam sound like Tom Waits. Not that I don’t adore Tom Waits. Or Iron and Wine. I just like Horse Feathers more. And, hello, musical saw.

The Be Good Tanyas want to steal your heart. And you will be totally fine with that.

Listening to these ladies sing is like getting a wet willy from an angel. Lush and heavenly.

I prefer to run after bandwagons, thank you very much.

While I may have discovered Beach House like Columbus discovered America (after millions of people had known about it for years), I’m still pretty stoked on them. They’re the perfect soundtrack to transition from summer to fall, with just enough pretty and just enough mildly creepy to work in either season. And have you seen these kids? Be still my heart.

There are lots more things making my ears ecstatic right now, but these are my top three. What are you listening to as the nights get colder?

P.S.¬† I know I promised the oh-so-thrilling tale of my (thankfully) brief sojourn into Idaho, but, well, it’s my party and I’ll write what I want to. I will get around to it. Probably.