Fall fall fallfallfallfall! (Part two, books)

17 Oct

As the days get shorter and my apartment gets more and more frigid, I find myself prone to snuggling up with blankets, books and the dogger. While my book preferences aren’t quite as subject to the same overwhelming seasonal whims as the rest of my tastes, I do tend to look for two things in my fall reads: mystery and creepiness. I love these things all year, but especially in the fall.

Holy shit, I love this book. If Charles Dickens and J.K. Rowling had an 800-page literary love child, it would be Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. There are rumors of a forthcoming film adaptation, but I’m perfectly content to reread this while anxiously awaiting Clarke’s second novel.

I first read Kelly Link’s debut short story collection in high school, and have loved it ever since. Girl detectives that could be anyone, naked ghosts who hang out in cellos, and monster dogs who pop up in libraries to bite off the fingers of wayward lovers…what’s not to love?

A girl returns home to deal with the consequences of an ill-fated affair with one of her professors and unwittingly unravels a centuries-old mystery involving the town’s founder, a prolific author and her own father (who could one of several men). Oh, and the morning she comes back, a giant monster is found dead in the lake behind her house.

There’s a reason it’s a classic.

Remember reading “The Lottery” in ninth grade, and how badly that fucked you up? It’s like that, but longer. Who poisoned the Blackwoods? Sweet Constance Blackwood, the daughter who served the arsenic-laced sugar to her family that fateful night? Merricat Blackwood, the daughter sent to bed early? Uncle Julian, who survived the poisoning but at the cost of his mental faculties? Or someone else entirely?

Read on, darlings.

One Response to “Fall fall fallfallfallfall! (Part two, books)”

  1. Big D October 20, 2010 at 1:17 pm #

    I own a few of these books, but must admit I haven’t made it through any of them…yet. You may laugh, but there is a series of books that I adore and think you should investigate (pun intended). The author is Dorothy Gilman, sometimes appearing as Dorothy Gilman Butters. She wrote the Mrs. Pollifax series. While they probably qualify as “beach” reads, they are entertaining and mysterious, but not in a “who is killing young girls to steal their fingernails” kind of way.
    Let me know what you think…

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