Day off

8 Nov

I know I really can’t complain about my schedule as I’m currently only working part-time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my days off. While working retail means I’m often at the store on weekends, I do love having random weekdays off.

This morning, I’ve been celebrating the time to myself with an extra cup of pumpkin spice creamer-spiked coffee, doggie snuggles, banana bread, and some quality blog-reading time. Top on that list, though I guess it isn’t technically a blog, is Wardrobe Remix.

I love this Flickr group for two reasons:

1) It features real people in real clothes. While the styles can be very hit or miss, they are diverse, and don’t make me depressed about lack of funds like when I look through the Anthropologie catalog.

2) I am in constant need of wardrobe inspiration. I have never been the kind of person who can throw on the first things in my closet and look amazing like some people I know. I will generally purchase Readymade over a fashion mag, and while I adore my super cute neighbors, what works when you’re 19 doesn’t necessarily work when you’re 25. So I’m still stealing other people’s outfit ideas, but at least it’s not anyone I actually know.

Thank you, Wardrobe Remix for continuing to enable me to leave the house fully-clothed and not looking like a total doofus.

The Big Brown Dog is whining for her walk. How do you celebrate your days off?

One Response to “Day off”

  1. Kate Reed at 2:42 pm #

    I wish I felt awesome so we could spend our days off together! This looks like a nice day:)

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