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C’mon Spring!

28 Jan

We’re in the home-stretch. Can you feel it? I’m sooooo ready for cute dresses and flats and picnics in the park.

In the meantime, I’ll settle for this:

At least February’s short.

Oh, you pretty things.

18 Jan

Can you believe it’s already January 18th? The year’s flying by and, for the first time ever, I’m not having a hard time remembering to write “2011” instead of “2010”. Maybe this means I’m turning into a grown-up? Probably not.

In other news, I fucking hate this time of year. January and February will put me into a perpetually crappy mood if I let them, mostly due to the fact that they are fucking horrible months (apologies to any of my readers with January/February birthdays, but seriously, what were you thinking?). It’s too cold/slushy for bike rides, I’m sick of my winter wardrobe by now, and I miss wearing sunglasses.

As much as I would love to just hibernate after glutting myself during the holidays, I’m apparently not a woodland creature, and I have a job and responsibilities and my digestive system doesn’t work like that, blah blah blah.

So, to keep myself from pouting for the next month and a half, here are some internet delights that have been floating my boat.

This makes me want to cry a little. If you don’t already have The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions, I highly recommend getting it. It has all of Seu Jorge’s amazing David Bowie covers that were featured in the movie but not the soundtrack.

You. Need. To. See. This. From Rian Johnson, acclaimed writer/director of Brick, comes a story about con artists, explosions, pinhole cameras and the nature of storytelling. With a little smooching thrown in. Even better if you have someone cute to share popcorn with.

Color me impressed. I’ve been absolutely fascinated with the idea of yarn-bombing lately, but was definitely planning on saving my first attempts for warmer weather.

I don’t know why I find this so entertaining, but I do.

How are you keeping away the seasonal doldrums?


There’s no such thing as “too old to build a fort in your living room”.

12 Jan

Brrrrr! I don’t know about the rest of you, but here in Spokane it’s cold and, yet again, snowy. One of my favorite things to do when the weather’s like this, juvenile as it might sound, is to curl up in a blanket fort with a hot drink, a movie, and, if I have one on hand, a cute boy (as I’m usually out of cute boys, the dog is also an acceptable cuddle partner).

I have an awesome set of jersey-knit cowboy sheets that I like to use for my forays into living room-architecture.

These could be getting put to better use.

And check out these awesome samplings from Fuck Yeah! Forts


The harem girls are just out of frame
Holy shit, I want a circus in my living room.

Okay, so not actually a blanket fort, but still.


Someday, my books will be like this.

This one’s a traveling, fully-operational restaurant in Berlin, manned (?) by drag queens.


Best. Tree house. Ever.

And while this one isn’t particularly pretty, it does score points for the sign.


Sometimes it just needs to be said.

Hope that gives everyone some ideas for repelling the dreaded seasonal affective disorder. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some blueprints to draw up.



UPDATE: My neighbors are currently building a snow fort, complete with fire pit, in our backyard/parking area. Words cannot convey my excitement.

And the winners are…

11 Jan

Just a quick thanks to everyone who’s been reading lately, you have no idea how exciting it is for me to see my site stats doubling and tripling from what they were a few weeks ago! Congrats to Carmel, Kate, David and Elizabeth, who can be expecting pretty surprises from me shortly. Carmel and Elizabeth, if you can email me your addresses at, I’ll get your stuff in the mail!


Sharing is caring

9 Jan

I care.

I had no idea Jeff Mangum’s mouth was that big.

Scheduled maintenance

9 Jan

As much as I love that swatch of Eames fabric that’s been adorning my header for the last several months, I’ve been feeling like a little blog makeover-action was due. So thank you in advance for your patience while I play around with some new things on here.

In other news, it’s not too late to enter the giveaway! Just sign your name and something fascinating about you in the comments, first four (I’ve already gotten one) will get some kind of fabulous pretty thing.

Fabulous prizes!

5 Jan

Exciting news, people! Yesterday, I hit my all-time high for blog views! Someone’s actually reading this!
To ensure that the internet continues to pay attention to me, I’m bribing you, dear reader. Who are you? What are your feelings on soup? Is your hair supposed to look like that? I want to know you. I want to spoon you. So, first five readers to comment on this post will win…
What kind of prizes you ask, eyes growing large and dewy? Well preciouses, it’s a surprise. Maybe naked pictures of me, maybe one of the numerous paintings I’ve done of cephalopods, maybe some of my hair taped to the inside of an envelope. Rest assured that, whatever it is, it’ll make you feel the same way you would if I snuck up behind you on the bus and started mouth-breathing in your ear.