3 Jan

Guess what I just finished…

Check out goal #3. I mean it, too!

That’s right, it’s my annual goals list! I’ve always been terrible at keeping New Year’s resolutions, and only one goal a year seems like kind of a waste. I got the idea of birthday goals from this pretty lady’s fabulous blog. I did it last year (25 goals before I turn 26), with pretty good results. I didn’t quite get everything, but that’s the beauty of this kind of set-up; you just add the unfinished things from last year onto this year! Plus, working on these around my birthday makes it feel more personal than a New Year’s resolution (I imagine this would be even more true for someone whose birthday isn’t December 30th), and, instead of freaking out about getting another year older, I can look at my list and congratulate myself on another year of being super kick-ass.

I’ve set some pretty lofty ambitions for the next 360 days, if you’re really peachy I might let you in on some of them.

How do you start out the new year?


One Response to “Gooooooaaaaaal(s)!”

  1. nekonat January 4, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    I am stealing goal 2. Funny how “Explore Washington” applies to us both… Happy New Year, my dear friend!

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