Weekend lists

22 Apr

Because I am totally an adult (totally), I have yet to actually get internet at home. And I kind of hate blogging by phone, so my weekend lists aren’t being added until now. Because I’m an adult and I do what I want (including but not limited to eating Pop-tarts for 2/3 meals yesterday).


1. Misfits (seriously, have you guys seen this show?!)

2. Delivery sushi

3. That my birth control comes in the mail.

4. Milk crates (finally got all of my books unpacked!)

5. Books

6. Walks with friends and coffee and dogs and gossip

7. Box wine

8. Being old enough to refuse to go to Civic Center Park for 4/20, thereby avoiding getting shot.

9. That no one I know was injured in Civic Center Park on 4/20

10. That my friends still like me even when I admit that I don’t really like going to record stores.


1. My dog lets me sleep in.

2. That my birth control comes in the mail.

3. Pop-tarts. With butter. (This is not as gross as it sounds.)

4. Craigslist furniture

5. My normal grocery store was surprisingly, magically, blissfully empty on Sunday morning.

6. Cut-rate photo shoots

7. Double dates

8. My bedtime is whenever I want it to be.

9. Clearance dresses

10. A night devoid of terror-sleep or stomach pains



One Response to “Weekend lists”

  1. pennyposh at 11:24 am #

    Buttered Pop-Tarts = win. Especially of the cinnamon & brown sugar variety. No judgment here.

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