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On Friday, I am grateful for…

19 Apr

1. coffee

2. video games

3. tiny memo books

4. temperatures above 40 degrees

5. friend dates 

6. dog-friendly offices

7. Spotify

8. haircuts that make it look like I give a shit when I really don’t and vice versa

9. that everyone I know in Boston is safe (and resolute. and pissed off)

10. this fucking week is almost over.



Today I am thankful for…

18 Apr

Things are not as awesome as they could be. They aren’t terrible, but they could be better. I’ve been dealing with one very frightening realization (I might be able to write about this at some point, but for now I’m still hardcore processing), and some more general doubts and unpleasantness that comes from being in your late twenties. Also, we’ve been having non-stop blizzards, and it’s fucking April, and that’s bullshit.

Earlier today, I read this article: It talks about making yourself feel less shitty by finding the things you’re grateful for. Every damn day. So today, I’m thankful for:

1. High cubicle walls

2. Snuggle dogs

3. My apartment

4. My room full of books/escapism

5. Impending dinner with two of my favorite friend-people

6. Weird goat milk lotion that enables me to walk around in a cloud of orange smells

7. Leftovers

8. My Aunt Carol, an amazing nurse who keeps the family informed whenever anyone gets sick (like, serious sick).

9. My mom

10. The vodka tonic I will be drinking at some point this evening

What are you thankful for?