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Goal #2

10 Jan

I actually posted this yesterday, but apparently WordPress didn’t think I should be blogging during my anniversary dinner. Oh well, pretend you read this yesterday. It’s romanticĀ and time-travelly. You’re welcome.

goal 2

I love hanging out with James, he’s easily the weirdest person I know and I absolutely adore him for it. However, it’s really easy for us to get wrapped up in our own weirdness and just stay home watching Adventure Time all night (especially during the winter). So, goal #2 is to go onĀ actual dates.

Last night we went out to dinner at Interstate, the bar/restaurant where we had our very first date. We colored on the (paper) tablecloths, ate some very tasty food, had some very tasty drinks (I almost snorted mine out of my nose when James kept insisting on calling it “Old Man Milk”, and then pondering how exactly one would milk an old man), reminisced about our very first meeting (I drunkenly kept insisting that we walk in the wrong direction and he was enough of a gentleman to humor me – and then never let me live it down) and were generally wildly inappropriate. It was great.

Then we both got sick to our stomachs and spent the rest of the night in bed, watching Adventure Time. Like I said, romance.

2013, I’ma kick yo ass.

7 Jan

Hey dudes, we are a whole week into 2013! And I’m 8 entire days into being 28! And I haven’t broken any hips yet! I think this warrants some form of cake-celebration.

Every year for my birthday, I like to do a goals list. I’ve never particularly liked making New Year’s resolutions (so much pressure!), but the idea of multiple goals is really appealing. It allows for a more well-rounded approach to the new year, and for anyone whose birthday isn’t at the end of the year, it also provides a more personal resolution schedule.

Spoiler alert: One of my 2013 goals is to be this awesome, all the time.

Spoiler alert: One of my 2013 goals is to be this awesome, all the time.

To help me actually stick to my year 28 goals, I’m going to post every single one of them on here, starting tomorrow. This is super-terrifying! Partially because of the opportunity for you, dear reader, to get real judgey, and partially because I might have to actually try to stick to my goals this year! Ugh.

Bear with me folks, 2013 is going to be…entertaining.