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Introductions, shall we?

14 Aug

This is a blog about magic. And wonder. And whimsy. And impulsiveness. And appreciating small things that make me inordinately happy. Which, as it turns out, is what the title, “Ricky Still Loves Lulu”, is actually about.

On southbound I-25, in between Ft. Collins and Denver, there are numerous spots where you go under train bridges. On one such bridge, for several years, was a piece of graffiti that I found particularly fascinating. The letters were clearly visible, even though they obviously weren’t new. They were also highly legible, a rare case of street art where the message is more important than the font in which it’s conveyed.

Years passed with me not really thinking about these words, except when I drove under them. Then in high school, my curiosity grew as I began driving to Denver more frequently. So I asked around. Turns out that several decades ago, this kid Ricky proposed to his girlfriend, Lulu, by spray-painting “Ricky Loves Lulu” on the side of the bridge that I’d been driving under for so long. Then, years later for their anniversary, Ricky, no longer in the bloom of youth, sneaks back out to the same bridge, with a similar message.

Ricky Still Loves Lulu.

I don’t know how much of that’s actually true, but I’m happier believing it is.