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One Year

9 Jan

Today marks one year since I started dating this weirdo:


This last year has been filled with adventures and cartoons and boozey bike rides and love. And occasionally sexy times :


I’m a pretty lucky lady.

Kate Leth, you make my little heart get all skippity.

7 Jan

Hey dudes! It’s Monday, and Mondays are stupid. I had a pretty rockin’ weekend, and now have absolutely zero desire to do actual work. Pfft. Work. So here’s an awesome comic lady that I’ve recently become way obsessed with:


Just you try and tell me this isn’t completely adorable.

Apparently I have a thing for Canadian comic ladies. I am completely okay with this.

Happy Monday!

Cuteness lives downstairs

4 Jan

My hyper-adorable downstairs neighbor Lexi just started a craft blog! Lots of pictures, lots of projects, lots of pretties.

Lexi recently also helped a certain letter find its way to me:

Hogwarts finally sent me my acceptance letter!

And look who delivered it!

I'm accepting suggestions for names.

Hands-down the most inventive Christmas present I got this year. My neighbors fucking rule.