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A blizzard, a biblioburro, and beauty secrets

2 May

I had this ready to go yesterday and then my silly mother called to tell me that she’d locked her keys in her car and that she was now stuck at work. With my dad out of town and my baby brother sans automobile, I was the only one who could come to her rescue. She works about half an hour east of my work. She lives about half an hour west of where I work. I got a little frazzled, and rushed off to be a good daughter, forgetting to post this. Whoops.

1. Same-sex civil unions are now legally recognized in Colorado! Fuck yeah!

2. Big Harp

3. Really awesome friends who live far away, but it doesn’t even matter because you can still talk to them on the phone for hours at a time, and you’ve never been to Washington D.C. so now you have a reason to visit.

4. The Biblioburro

5. This lipstick/stain stuff. It’s seriously the best, even if all the colors have vom-inducing names like “Smitten” and “Lovesick”. Maybe I can get a side-job making up better lipstick names. “Cheaper than new clothes”, “Have you been crying?”, “Winter chapping”…maybe not.

6.¬†Sweater tights (it’s fucking blizzarding here. Again.)

7. I’m auditioning for my first play in nine years tonight, and it’s cold-read only.

8. I’m actually getting busy at work again (this makes the day go soooooo much faster).

9. When I finally get internet at home again, I’m going to have, like, a million hours of Game of Thrones and Doctor Who to catch up on.

10. Less than a month until new episodes of Arrested Development!