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Fall fall fallfallfallfall! (Part one, the soundtrack)

6 Oct

I’m pretty sure I’m the most seasonally-oriented person in the world. That I know of. So much of my life revolves around what time of year it is: crafts, art projects, writing, reading, music, food, color preferences…the list could go on and on. I love being so bizarrely seasonal, because it’s constantly giving me reasons to find new things to fall in love with, as well as welcoming back old favorites that I haven’t heard from in a while. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year; no matter what other stresses are happening in my life (giant moves, job-searches), this time of year always makes me feel incredibly rejuvenated and grateful to just be around. I’m also an incredibly sweaty person, so the break from hot weather’s also nice.

So, fall favorites. This was going to be one post, but when I realized how epically enormo  it would be I decided to break it up. So, part one:

Mood Music

They have an effing musical saw!

Horse Feathers. Gorgeous. These guys make Sam Beam sound like Tom Waits. Not that I don’t adore Tom Waits. Or Iron and Wine. I just like Horse Feathers more. And, hello, musical saw.

The Be Good Tanyas want to steal your heart. And you will be totally fine with that.

Listening to these ladies sing is like getting a wet willy from an angel. Lush and heavenly.

I prefer to run after bandwagons, thank you very much.

While I may have discovered Beach House like Columbus discovered America (after millions of people had known about it for years), I’m still pretty stoked on them. They’re the perfect soundtrack to transition from summer to fall, with just enough pretty and just enough mildly creepy to work in either season. And have you seen these kids? Be still my heart.

There are lots more things making my ears ecstatic right now, but these are my top three. What are you listening to as the nights get colder?

P.S.¬† I know I promised the oh-so-thrilling tale of my (thankfully) brief sojourn into Idaho, but, well, it’s my party and I’ll write what I want to. I will get around to it. Probably.