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Day off

8 Nov

I know I really can’t complain about my schedule as I’m currently only working part-time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my days off. While working retail means I’m often at the store on weekends, I do love having random weekdays off.

This morning, I’ve been celebrating the time to myself with an extra cup of pumpkin spice creamer-spiked coffee, doggie snuggles, banana bread, and some quality blog-reading time. Top on that list, though I guess it isn’t technically a blog, is Wardrobe Remix.

I love this Flickr group for two reasons:

1) It features real people in real clothes. While the styles can be very hit or miss, they are diverse, and don’t make me depressed about lack of funds like when I look through the Anthropologie catalog.

2) I am in constant need of wardrobe inspiration. I have never been the kind of person who can throw on the first things in my closet and look amazing like some people I know. I will generally purchase Readymade over a fashion mag, and while I adore my super cute neighbors, what works when you’re 19 doesn’t necessarily work when you’re 25. So I’m still stealing other people’s outfit ideas, but at least it’s not anyone I actually know.

Thank you, Wardrobe Remix for continuing to enable me to leave the house fully-clothed and not looking like a total doofus.

The Big Brown Dog is whining for her walk. How do you celebrate your days off?

Look what I get to wear!

18 Oct

Two of my favorite people are getting hitched! My dear friends Natalie and Colby got engaged last Spring (I got to help pick out the ring, soooo many sparklies), and I get to be a bridesmaid!

She's going to hate me for this, but seriously, how adorable are these people?

Natalie just recently completed the daunting task of selecting bridesmaid dresses, no easy feat as we’re all built very differently. Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a trickier group of ladies to select one non-hideous dress for. Add to this that the happy couple is trying to plan a wedding while waiting for Colby’s job to tell them to move to D.C. and, well, you can see how bridesmaid dresses might not be the first thing on their minds.

That said, holy crap, look what I get to wear:

I think it's safe to say I'll be wearing this again.

How effing pretty is that? Perfect for a May wedding. I’m so honored to get to be a part of this beautiful couple’s special day, and even more excited now that I know I get to wear a super-amazing dress for the occasion! Now I just have to practice walking around in heels so I don’t fall on my face walking down the aisle.