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A blizzard, a biblioburro, and beauty secrets

2 May

I had this ready to go yesterday and then my silly mother called to tell me that she’d locked her keys in her car and that she was now stuck at work. With my dad out of town and my baby brother sans automobile, I was the only one who could come to her rescue. She works about half an hour east of my work. She lives about half an hour west of where I work. I got a little frazzled, and rushed off to be a good daughter, forgetting to post this. Whoops.

1. Same-sex civil unions are now legally recognized in Colorado! Fuck yeah!

2. Big Harp

3. Really awesome friends who live far away, but it doesn’t even matter because you can still talk to them on the phone for hours at a time, and you’ve never been to Washington D.C. so now you have a reason to visit.

4. The Biblioburro

5. This lipstick/stain stuff. It’s seriously the best, even if all the colors have vom-inducing names like “Smitten” and “Lovesick”. Maybe I can get a side-job making up better lipstick names. “Cheaper than new clothes”, “Have you been crying?”, “Winter chapping”…maybe not.

6. Sweater tights (it’s fucking blizzarding here. Again.)

7. I’m auditioning for my first play in nine years tonight, and it’s cold-read only.

8. I’m actually getting busy at work again (this makes the day go soooooo much faster).

9. When I finally get internet at home again, I’m going to have, like, a million hours of Game of Thrones and Doctor Who to catch up on.

10. Less than a month until new episodes of Arrested Development!


Just under the wire.

30 Apr

Double post day! You’re welcome. And I actually have some lengthier posts in the works, so you might actually be treated (subjected?) to something besides lists! That is maybe exciting to some of you!

Speaking of some of you, I apparently have some new readers/followers/commenters! That’s pretty exciting! Welcome to the blog! My name’s Caitlyn, and this is where I write about…things. And stuff. I will probably never post naked selfies here. Probably.

Today, I am grateful for the following:

1. It is possible that will get a promotion in the next couple of months (it’s still veeeeeeery tentative, but also exciting!)

2. I had shin ramyun (which I’m pretty sure translates to “the best ramen that will set your face on fire”) for lunch, and it tried to (deliciously) burn my mouth off, causing me to super-hydrate!

3. I discovered this new webcomic and don’t want to do anything besides read it all the time forever. I have recently become busty and it’s just spot-on.

4. I actually work with some very nice people, who are good at replenishing the candy bowls on their desks. 

5. The shirt I wanted to wear this morning was already ironed. For once, past-Caitlyn wasn’t an asshole!

6. My hair is being surprisingly cooperative today.

7. My apartment is really starting to feel like home.

8. I am actually caught up on work for once (this is what happens when I do work before I get sucked into the black hole of cat memes).

9. I have a bunch of blog post ideas that I’m actually really stoked on.

10. I am looking forward.

How’s your Tuesday, dear reader?


A case of the Mondays

30 Apr

So far the trickiest part of these gratitude posts has been coming up with non-lame post titles. I’d say I’m about 50/50 right now. I know it’s Tuesday, but here’s what was awesome about yesterday:

1. Dinner with my baby broski (he makes really awesome music, which you should go listen to immediately.)

2. Curry-apple-veggie meatloaf

3. Arrested Development (sooooo close to getting new episodes!)

4. Christopher Moore (currently re-reading Bloodsucking Fiends after snagging a copy at my local ARC)

5. Flowy skirts on freshly-shaved legs (especially when it’s my first leg-shave in months)

6. Dogger walks

7. Gorgeous weather (even once it started getting dark!)

8. Yarn

9. Neutral Milk Hotel is reuniting for a (very limited) tour!

10. And Daniel Johnston is opening the Asheville show! This probably means I need to take a trip to N.C.

Weekend catch-up!

29 Apr

You guuuuuys, this weekend was pretty awesome! The weather finally stopped being shitty for a minute, and all the snow melted (don’t worry, we’re supposed to get more on Wednesday). Here’s a round-up of what I was so very thankful for:

1. Mom hangouts

2. Mani/pedis

3. Maxi dresses that don’t require the use of a strapless bra to keep my boobs from going on adventures

4. White wine and pizza

5. Sunshine!

6. It’s actually light out past 6:00 now!

7. My dog actually lets me sleep in

8. Sleeping in

9. French press coffee

10. The Avengers! (You don’t even want to know how many times I’ve watched it this week.)

11. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (I am completely obsessed with her right now.)

12. Sunday funday (It’s hard to hate Sundays when you spend all day park-hopping.)

13. New blog followers (hello, you)

14. This web comic

15. Also, this one

16. Hard cider

17. Temperatures above 60 degrees!

18. Impromptu picnics

19. Meeting new people when I really need to expand my social circle

20. Puppy love Image

Thursday, belated

26 Apr

Thursday was better. Here’s what made it so:

1. Brunch with one of my best gal pals

2. Salmon eggs benedict

3. Bottomless (3) mimosas

4. Personal day (decided upon before bottomless mimosa-consumption)

5. Finally saw the Perks of Being a Wallflower (it’s sooooo good!)

6. I made delicious mini-meatloaf muffins (gluten-free with apples and mushrooms and squash)

7. David helped me kill some orcs

8. I did not cry, and as a result, my eyelids are not ridiculously swollen.

9. I re-watched The Royal Tenenbaums for the first time in several years. It is still completely amazing.

10. This lady sent me a really wonderful email (technically she sent it on Wednesday, but I was still grateful for it and reread it yesterday).

Today is really hard.

24 Apr

And I am grateful for:

1. Phone calls from my mom

2. Taco lunches with my dad

3. Late night phone calls with my brother

4. Facebook chats with my friends

5. Snuggles from my dog

6. Red lipstick

7. Compact mirrors

8. Playlists featuring Amanda Palmer and Fiona Apple

9. Love

10. That I’m so much stronger than I used to be.

Weekend lists

22 Apr

Because I am totally an adult (totally), I have yet to actually get internet at home. And I kind of hate blogging by phone, so my weekend lists aren’t being added until now. Because I’m an adult and I do what I want (including but not limited to eating Pop-tarts for 2/3 meals yesterday).


1. Misfits (seriously, have you guys seen this show?!)

2. Delivery sushi

3. That my birth control comes in the mail.

4. Milk crates (finally got all of my books unpacked!)

5. Books

6. Walks with friends and coffee and dogs and gossip

7. Box wine

8. Being old enough to refuse to go to Civic Center Park for 4/20, thereby avoiding getting shot.

9. That no one I know was injured in Civic Center Park on 4/20

10. That my friends still like me even when I admit that I don’t really like going to record stores.


1. My dog lets me sleep in.

2. That my birth control comes in the mail.

3. Pop-tarts. With butter. (This is not as gross as it sounds.)

4. Craigslist furniture

5. My normal grocery store was surprisingly, magically, blissfully empty on Sunday morning.

6. Cut-rate photo shoots

7. Double dates

8. My bedtime is whenever I want it to be.

9. Clearance dresses

10. A night devoid of terror-sleep or stomach pains



On Friday, I am grateful for…

19 Apr

1. coffee

2. video games

3. tiny memo books

4. temperatures above 40 degrees

5. friend dates 

6. dog-friendly offices

7. Spotify

8. haircuts that make it look like I give a shit when I really don’t and vice versa

9. that everyone I know in Boston is safe (and resolute. and pissed off)

10. this fucking week is almost over.


Today I am thankful for…

18 Apr

Things are not as awesome as they could be. They aren’t terrible, but they could be better. I’ve been dealing with one very frightening realization (I might be able to write about this at some point, but for now I’m still hardcore processing), and some more general doubts and unpleasantness that comes from being in your late twenties. Also, we’ve been having non-stop blizzards, and it’s fucking April, and that’s bullshit.

Earlier today, I read this article: http://www.xojane.com/relationships/make-your-life-better-gratitude It talks about making yourself feel less shitty by finding the things you’re grateful for. Every damn day. So today, I’m thankful for:

1. High cubicle walls

2. Snuggle dogs

3. My apartment

4. My room full of books/escapism

5. Impending dinner with two of my favorite friend-people

6. Weird goat milk lotion that enables me to walk around in a cloud of orange smells

7. Leftovers

8. My Aunt Carol, an amazing nurse who keeps the family informed whenever anyone gets sick (like, serious sick).

9. My mom

10. The vodka tonic I will be drinking at some point this evening

What are you thankful for?