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Weekend catch-up!

29 Apr

You guuuuuys, this weekend was pretty awesome! The weather finally stopped being shitty for a minute, and all the snow melted (don’t worry, we’re supposed to get more on Wednesday). Here’s a round-up of what I was so very thankful for:

1. Mom hangouts

2. Mani/pedis

3. Maxi dresses that don’t require the use of a strapless bra to keep my boobs from going on adventures

4. White wine and pizza

5. Sunshine!

6. It’s actually light out past 6:00 now!

7. My dog actually lets me sleep in

8. Sleeping in

9. French press coffee

10. The Avengers! (You don’t even want to know how many times I’ve watched it this week.)

11. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (I am completely obsessed with her right now.)

12. Sunday funday (It’s hard to hate Sundays when you spend all day park-hopping.)

13. New blog followers (hello, you)

14. This web comic

15. Also, this one

16. Hard cider

17. Temperatures above 60 degrees!

18. Impromptu picnics

19. Meeting new people when I really need to expand my social circle

20. Puppy love Image


Love is Love.

26 Mar

Love is Love.

I killed some time this morning making my own little piece to show my support for marriage equality. It’s every couple I could readily think of, gay, straight, bi, trans, queer, etc. Everyone’s written the same, because we all deserve the same chance to marry or not. There are couples on here that I know support marriage equality, there are couples on here that probably don’t, and might be pissed that I used them without permission. The inclusion of these names doesn’t mean that they support marriage equality, it simply means that I think they deserve the right to marriage equality. It’s coming for you, whether you want it to or not.

One Year

9 Jan

Today marks one year since I started dating this weirdo:


This last year has been filled with adventures and cartoons and boozey bike rides and love. And occasionally sexy times :


I’m a pretty lucky lady.