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Just under the wire.

30 Apr

Double post day! You’re welcome. And I actually have some lengthier posts in the works, so you might actually be treated (subjected?) to something besides lists! That is maybe exciting to some of you!

Speaking of some of you, I apparently have some new readers/followers/commenters! That’s pretty exciting! Welcome to the blog! My name’s Caitlyn, and this is where I write about…things. And stuff. I will probably never post naked selfies here. Probably.

Today, I am grateful for the following:

1. It is possible that will get a promotion in the next couple of months (it’s still veeeeeeery tentative, but also exciting!)

2. I had shin ramyun (which I’m pretty sure translates to “the best ramen that will set your face on fire”) for lunch, and it tried to (deliciously) burn my mouth off, causing me to super-hydrate!

3. I discovered this new webcomic and don’t want to do anything besides read it all the time forever. I have recently become busty and it’s just spot-on.

4. I actually work with some very nice people, who are good at replenishing the candy bowls on their desks. 

5. The shirt I wanted to wear this morning was already ironed. For once, past-Caitlyn wasn’t an asshole!

6. My hair is being surprisingly cooperative today.

7. My apartment is really starting to feel like home.

8. I am actually caught up on work for once (this is what happens when I do work before I get sucked into the black hole of cat memes).

9. I have a bunch of blog post ideas that I’m actually really stoked on.

10. I am looking forward.

How’s your Tuesday, dear reader?